benefits of social media customer service

5 Reasons You Need to Take Long-Term Social Customer Care Seriously

74% of Millennials (18-34) and 58% of GenX (35-54) have a better opinion of organizations that provide social media customer care  – Microsoft  Social customer care (using social media platforms as customer service experience tools) can be amazingly effective way to build relationships with the your customers and bring significant benefits to your organization. Building […]

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brand removal

Why I Put a Decade Old Brand to Rest

OR The Death of the UPsell Brand and the Birth of Doing More with L.E.S. (now Relationships at Work)   “No, it’s not about sales. It’s about adding humanity to your organization.” “It’s not about getting gum at the checkout or manipulating your customers into getting a few more dollars from them. It’s about building […]

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