Remember Your Staff Is Your Brand

How can I build a relationship with a cold, uncaring brand? How can I leave with a good impression when I feel like I spoke with a machine or a checklist or a script?

I can’t. I can only connect with people. I like people because I am one.

Your customer service reps ARE your brand. Every single person that interacts with current, previous or future customers is your brand. Yes, your logo is pretty (and I hear this site is good if you want one) and yes, I can see how much you spent painting your new office (all part of the customer experience)… but that voice on the other side of the phone; those fingers typing that email or social post; or that face across the service desk are who I’m basing my impression of your company on. Every smile, helpful tone or courteous response is one step closer towards me becoming a regular, or at least happier, customer.

When we contact companies, we generally aren’t always in the best of moods to begin with. It could be frustration from not having all the information we need, anger about service we’re receiving (or not receiving) or impatience because we’re getting misdirected.  Whatever it is, to get an  automated, droning customer service response, whether in person or over the phone, will just exasperate the poopy mood.

Some good news…and I have to say I’m pleased. Hell, I’m downright hopeful. From my experience, there seems to be a lot more effort from customer service representatives to have some personality. A smile here. A joke there (even if it’s not a funny joke).

Yay! Be a smart, thoughtful, empowered, caring person…or do I mean brand?

What are brands still doing to stop them from being “human”?

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