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4 Reasons Love Letters Make Your Customers Swoon

What better way to show your customers you care than with a love letter. And it doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, Valentine’s Day. That day when lovers demonstrate their affection with gifts, words of love or events to mark the occasion…or all three. Depending on what you’re into or what kind of relationship you have.

Customers also like to feel loved. There’s always an opportunity for your business to show them you care about the time they take out of their days to visit your store, buy your products, use your service or check out your website. There’s been some great examples on Instagram of companies going old school with thank you notes to get their love across. Before I share with you a few of my recent favourites, it’s important to know WHY customers get that special fuzzy feeling when they get such a token of affection.


We are always touched with someone takes the time to really think about what they’re going to say and create something specifically for them. There’s time involved. And there is something meaningful when a business applies itself in this way, demonstrating time and effort to appreciate the customer’s time and effort.

Physical Touch

By putting pen to paper or pencil to card (or any other variation you like), you show your love for your customer is tangible. It’s something with a little permanence, that can be felt with your hands, passed to others and proudly displayed. Don’t underestimate the amount of value in that.

Signal vs. Noise

When everyone else is sharing a tweet, sending an email or posting a message, your business is cutting through all that to stand out as unique with a hand drawn love note. I know love letters aren’t original but in a digital age, they do stand out as special gestures of appreciation, and that’s how you get noticed and remembered.


With the amount of data organizations now collect from their customers, and the growing service expectations of customers, there is a great opportunity to provide personalized experiences. And what’s more personal than a love letter highlighting a customer’s specific experience with your company? Answer: not much.

“A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language” – Dale Carnegie

So you can imagine how much a love letter, written just for them, can mean in building a customer relationship.

And here are some examples of notes of adoration:

Do you have any examples? Please share!

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