Trees growing symbolizing legacy at work

What Will be Your Leadership Legacy?

Legacy is a funny thing. It’s a term used more and more in organizations when executives or senior management are in their mid- to late career. Their bosses will ask, or they’ll ask themselves,… “What do you want your legacy to be?” But what does that even mean? As Merriam-Webster Dictionary states it: leg·​a·​cy | \ ˈle-gə-sē  – […]

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tearing down silos

Stop Trying to Tear Down My Silo

“Tear down silos!” “Let’s silo smash!” “Break down those walls!” These are passionate phrases I’ve heard repeatedly when it comes to employee engagement and change management, in a perceived effort to improve an organization by fostering collaboration and understanding through HULK SMASH language. I frequently used these phrases myself, in an effort to demonstrate my […]

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