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The UpSOLD!: 2 Burley Men Moving, Hauling and Impressing

The latest UpSOLD! customer service kudos comes from @aliatulloch

Having moved numerous times over the last few years (one of the joys of being a student), to say that I wasn’t looking forward to my most recent move would have been an understatement. Ordinarily, I’d rope kindhearted friends and family into helping with transportation, but this time I decided to simplify the process by having professionals handle the job. However, deciding to call a moving company and actually calling to schedule a time for the movers to come are two very different things. Deep in moving denial, I found myself on the last day of the month surrounded by boxes and no firm idea as to how to move them. Enter Two Burley Men Moving and Hauling.

Expecting to have trouble lining anyone up at such short notice, I was pleasantly surprised when the first question the (presumably) burly man on the other end of the telephone asked was “when would be the best time for us to move you to make your life run more smoothly?” Such a simple sentence, but one that acknowledged that moving was stressful, and made it clear Two Burly Men would be there to reduce my stress by meeting my moving needs, whatever they may be. A few short hours later, two cheerful men and a truck showed up at my doorstep. The fact that they remained cheerful in the face of my hand-wringing, cautions to be careful, apologies for the fact that a lot of stuff hadn’t even made it into boxes, micromanagement of box placement, and my inability to recall the street address of the place I was moving to, was commendable. I’m sure I’m not the only person who becomes a neurotic wreck at moving time, but they handled me – and my stuff – like pros.

I was impressed that 2 Burley Men managed to come through for me on the busiest day of the month for them, fitting me in between two other scheduled moves and performing the whole operation calmly and professionally, even on extremely short notice. The whole experience was so positive, easy and relatively inexpensive. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

To 2 Burley Men, all I can say is, you can move me anytime! (but hopefully not again too soon).

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