Trees growing symbolizing legacy at work

What Will be Your Leadership Legacy?

Legacy is a funny thing. It’s a term used more and more in organizations when executives or senior management are in their mid- to late career. Their bosses will ask, or they’ll ask themselves,… “What do you want your legacy to be?” But what does that even mean? As Merriam-Webster Dictionary states it: leg·​a·​cy | \ ˈle-gə-sē  – […]

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where leadership begins

Where Leadership Begins: Gaining Respect

Leadership begins once you intentionally focus on building relationships. Because, great leadership is about strong relationships, especially those you have with those you are assigned to lead. We’ve all had varying degrees of connection with those that direct our work or shepherd the organization. I’ve been exposed to bad examples that would yell from within […]

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small business customer service

Small Business Customer Service Questions from SOHOVictoria

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking on a panel at Victoria, BC’s first Small Office, Home Office Conference, or SoHoVictoria. Joining Scott McDonald, Digital Strategist for Butchart Gardens and Rod Philips, co-founder of, we were tasked with answering business communication customer experience related questions posed to us by the audience. A really […]

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