What Do You Cost? The Price of Customer Loyalty

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You try to find a picture of "Loyalty"

Visited GardenWorks recently, a greenhouse and pottery store, to find a couple of pots. Yes, I’m very greenthumby. I must have walked around the store for 15 minutes trying to decide which pot worked best for me.

Question #1: Guess what didn’t happen in that 15 minutes?

Not a single acknowledgement from staff. No “Hi, no “how may I help you,”…nothing. Well I hadn’t made up my mind so I walked a block to Dig This, a store focusing more on gardening. Within a minute of entering, I was acknowledged and asked if I could be helped.

Question #2: Where do you think I spent my money?

And to top it off, I had to get some more supplies the next day.

Question #3: Where did I go back to?

This brought up a question for me: What makes you loyal to one business over another:

  • Price?
  • Customer service?
  • Convenience?
  • Locally-owned?

If it’s any one of those but not customer service, that business is missing a great opportunity to enhance the service experience and inspire customers to promote the service/product. If a locally-owned shop kicks ass at engagement and making the customer feel special, wouldn’t you tell every one you know?

Engagement is my drug of choice.  I’ll spend a few extra dollars if I feel a relationship building with your business. What makes you loyal?

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