Weber Grill cooks up some great tribe building, fanatics and fans

Weber Grills: Don’t Know You But I Might Love You

I’ve never heard of Weber Grills. I’ve never used any one of their products to my knowledge. But I’d buy one.

This will the second time I bring up my dad in as many weeks but since that last blog wasn’t on the greatest customer service experience…I thought it would be nice to get out a more positive business story. Hello, Weber.

If you’re part of a business looking to keep customers and possibly make them fanatics of your products (there might be a few), check this out: My dad hates dealing with you. He will not give out his email address. Hell, he’ll rarely even give his name if a business asks for any of his information because he “doesn’t want to be spammed.” He doesn’t want anything to do with you.

But every week, he gets an email from Weber about their latest barbecue recipe. He opens every single one of them and looks forward to getting them because he’s getting something he wants without a mention of the product. “Recipes” also happens to be the first category on Weber’s website, a very extensive catalogue. (My dad visits their site a lot).

And because of this, my dad will tell anyone who listens how great Weber products are because he’s a fan. He has built a relationship with a company because they talk to him about things he loves, rather than talking at him about things he can get anywhere.

My dad is a member of the Weber tribe and, because I trust his opinion, I could be a convert. When was the last time a business talked with you and added value rather than sounding like a needy ex. (I’m here, love me)

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  • I don’t know anything first-hand about Weber’s customer service, but if it is anywhere near as good as their grills, then they are among the best in the world. And interestingly enough, the bbq that made Weber famous is probably the simplest charcoal grill. It’s built well, no unnecessary frills or additions–its a bbq that works, and works well. They built that bbq knowing what it took to make a good one…and they apparently built their customer service knowing what makes customers happy. Makes me want to work for them…

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