The UpSOLD!: Pagliacci’s, Italian for “Above and Beyond”

This latest entry of The UpSOLD! is courtesy of @emd. His experience at Pagliacci’s in Victoria, B.C., is a great example of how to be memorable and empower your staff.

After waiting through a line up out the door, my wife Christine and her sister Andrea were seated. Andrea didn’t see anything she liked so they both stood up to leave.
This caught the attention of the server who wouldn’t let them leave. Rather he offered to help, asking, “what do you want? A burger?”.

Andrea said yes.
The server went a few blocks away to McDonald’s, bought a burger, put it on a plate decoratively and didn’t charge her for anything.

Now THAT’S having a staff that is allowed to do things!

If you had that experience, what would you remember most? I doubt it would be the burger but rather the above and beyond customer service by that server. This is a great example of solving a problem rather than selling a product.

Are you empowering your staff? Are you solving your customers’ problems?


  • What a great story!

  • They have a menu outside so you don’t have to wait in their long long line to see a menu only to find out you don’t want anything on it… Just sayin…

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