initiative and interest are born not learned

The Unteachable: Nature Over Nurture in Customer Service

Nature vs. Nurture is a long standing argument in philosophical circles (I’m sure they exist somewhere). Are you born a certain way or do your life experiences shape you? When it comes to good customer service, I’m putting my money on nature.

Initiative and interest can not be taught. As staff, do you want to help yourself and the business? Do you immediately think, “What can I do for this customer to make their experience better?” or is it more, “Ok, you’re dealt with. Next!” The former will get you far in your career and in your life. The latter will either get you fired or forgotten.

If you don’t feel the need to do better or you’re just passing time, maybe it is time to find another job. But you say, “this is just a ‘means to an end’ job.” I’ve found the instinct of interest and initiative follows you no matter the employer.

Companies and customers want workers, not drones (I’ve always wanted to use that bee metaphor). Going that extra mile, taking that extra step, asking one more question, employees with initiative and interest will drive your company and properly represent your brand.

Employees: Are you a worker or a drone?

Businesses: Who are you hiring?

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