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Read How TELUS, Like Rock N Roll Dreams, Comes Through

Brennan from the Largley The Truth blog had a recent customer service experience with TELUS that he wanted to share. We hear so much of the bad, here’s a little of the good:

TELUS, and TELUS Mobility in particular, takes a lot of stick from its customer base; some of it is deserved (“Your call centre wait times are atrocious”), some of it is nitpicking (“You charged me 30 cents for data roaming because I took a walk on Dallas Road”), some of it is bizarre (“Last night you broke into my grandmother’s house and re-arranged her throw pillows”).  Personally, after nine years of service TELUS has yet to bring me to any serious grief but until this past Tuesday, they hadn’t exactly wowed me, either.

Over the months of September and October I’ll be burning up dinosaur bones as I drive across parts of the U.S.A., and so, prior to my departure, I purchased a mobile package that would allow for unlimited texting while south of the 49th.  My coverage disappeared soon after crossing into Montana from southern Alberta, and stayed that way as far south as Butte, making my unlimited texts as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Like any good twenty-something, I vented my middle-class rage on a social media platform, Twitter in this case, and within an hour I had a message from someone named @TELUSsupport.  I learned that @TELUSsupport is Telus’ effort to reach out to the Twitter community and their representative, Anthony, took my details and said he would look into my problem.

Anthony produced the relevant information in less than fifteen minutes:  TELUS has no roaming agreements in Montana, so I was sunk until I worked my way further west.  Since I had a direct line to someone who could apparently get things done, something you normally wait six days on the phone for, I pitched him another question regarding my inability to receive picture messages via MMS.  This answer took even less time and, once identified, the problem was fixed immediately.

They may have their problems, throw-pillow related or otherwise, but by pursuing customer complaints through new mediums and by addressing those complaints without having them specifically brought to their attention, TELUS has made an impression.  They’ll be keeping my business.

Thanks for the UpSOLD! contribution Brennan. Nice to see company’s being flexing their listening skills, whether on Twitter or any social media platform. Any experiences like this you could share? Please do.

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  • wow, ive never even heard of anything like that happening, least of all from a company as dis-connected from reality as Telus … you have made my day! (I confess, im looking to dump Rogers though Telus was not on the top of the alternative list)

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