if you don't care, why should we?

Top 5 Secrets to Great, Amazing, Stupendous Customer Service

Number #1: You have to care.

Numbers #2 to 5: Repeat #1.

You have to care about your job, about the customer, about your paycheque.

As an employee, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t fulfilling some career goal, it matters if you actually care about how you spend your time and how you affect others. As an employer, it’s about empowering and supporting those you hire to represent your company and your brand.

Poop (self-censor) rolls down hill but so can caring. From the boss to the frontline, if an employee feels like they have the support of the business, they’ll want to do more and pay the caring forward. If they don’t, well you should look at your hiring practices.

Caring isn’t something you can teach. It’s a mindset. It’s something you can certainly encourage and foster but the willingness has to be there.

Caring is about taking initiative. It’s about empathy and sympathy.

If you don’t care, how can you expect others to?

Caring traveling from the boss to the employee to the customer = a business everyone will rave about.

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