If You Don’t Want to Be There, We Don’t Want You There Either

Within a four block stretch in my neighbourhood, there are 4 coffee shops catering to the residents. Two chains (Starbucks/Serious Coffee) and two regional (Café Fantastico/Moka House).

So you need to stand out. You need to have your loyalists. I’m not one of those. I tend to float from location to location based on mood and available seating. The Moka House is one of the more popular locations, embracing the “we’re not a big chain” alternative role. So how come I don’t want to go back, much less become a fan?

Service, baby.

On a Sunday morning (10am, so not that early), I stood in line for my very manly soy chai latte. Very manly. While serving the guy in front of me, the cashier yawned. Not one of those “cover your mouth, oops I’m sorry for that, sheepish grin” yawns. More the “holy crap look at my tonsils because I really don’t care” ones. The woman works in a coffee shop. There’s no end to the number of stimulants she has available.

be present and interested

Did I wake you?

She hadn’t even served me yet and I was already looking forward to it (mmmm sarcasm). My interaction consisted of little to no eye contact, getting my change completely wrong and the personality of a Walking Dead zombie.

Was the coffee and my sandwich good? Sure, but so are everyone else’s in that four block radius.

Note to staffer: you go back to bed, I’m going to go somewhere else. Not that you’d care.


  • Five: I’m going to count Bubby Rose’s.

  • What is she making an hour working at a dead end job like that. Put yourself in her shoes and rewrite this piece of trash.

    • I’ve spent my entire adult life (10+ years) working dead end jobs for very little pay and I would never, ever, ever rock up to work looking hung-over and spend my morning slouched over the cash register, yawning in people’s faces and generally seeming cranky and unfriendly (yes, I was there that Sunday morning too). A small paycheck is still a paycheck, and you should show at least a minimal amount of respect to your employer and the customers who keep the business going.

    • Thanks for the comment…we’ll call you “arti”. A paycheque is still a paycheque and I’ve been in her shoes. I’ve worked service and retail. All she’s doing is badly representing the company which hurts their bottom line.
      P.S. thanks also for the “piece of trash” comment. I smiled.

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