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The Brick: Given Space to Breathe…and to Buy

It’s that time again…moving. Hate, don’t enjoy it, not my thing. But as better opportunities come up, so do new places to live. Friends of mine bought a beautiful character home and offered their main floor as a new residency. Sadly, their home is a hell of a lot nicer than my furniture so I took the opportunity to do the “grown up” thing and spend money.

I haven’t bought a lot of new couches. I usually go the futon or second-hand approach (hey, I was a radio guy and a student…both pay crap) but this time, I was going to do it right. I went to The Brick, a Canadian company with outlets all over the country. The minute we walked in, a staff member named Domingo welcomed us and let us know he’d be around if we had any questions. We walked to and fro, and back to to, until we settled on a tan couch and a bookshelf. Domingo suddenly appeared again, back to his office we went and the deal was done. I’m a step closer to respectable.

From the moment we walked in to the store, to the moment we walked out, great service. We got there a little early in the morning so the store seemed to have more staff than furniture…but we weren’t pounced on. We were immediately acknowledged, got a bit of information (there was a sale) and a little humour. Soon, we were left alone to wander and discuss on our own.

Some stores, when the staff aren’t busy, fill the time by hovering. It comes off:
A) like the staff aren’t communicating to each other that customers have been spoken to, and
B) as intrusive on the shopping experience. Not the case here at all.

We walked around for 45 minutes (time we needed) without ever feeling like we couldn’t get help right away. When we were ready…BAM! Hello, Domingo.

We had a few problems including the fact we didn’t need the furniture for a month and the store’s sale was only on for that day. Quickly I learned the store will hold and deliver when I need my purchase and about putting 10% down to retain the sale (which I’m not penalized for if I change my mind). Domingo didn’t sell, he solved. As soon as I had a concern, he had a solution. Now I have a couch.

Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major. Brick, you gave me attention the moment we met, not too much but just enough. When I needed space, you gave it to me. And finally were there for me in the end. Me and you? We’re good.

Service Rating System:

Friend Zone – I just don’t like you in “that way.”
Booty Call – If I don’t have anything else better going on, I’ll stop by.
2nd Date – I’ll give you a second chance.
Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major.

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  • Interesting post. We dealt with The Brick to buy a dining room set a few years ago. The service in store was great, but we got the runaround for about six weeks until our furniture finally arrived (after being told time and time again, “scheduled this week”). I haven’t been back, but I hope your experience ends much better!

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