Calling for the Death of B2C & B2B

Who are you selling to?

Business to Business or Business to Customer are marketing terms to describe a company’s target market. Are they trying to get the attention of another organization or the interest of customers?

good customer service uses human marketing

Are you connecting to this?

I propose you do neither. Try H2H instead. Human to Human.

When marketing your company, you’re speaking to another person. One with problems you can solve. One with concerns you can answer. Don’t talk to them, talk with them….and to do that, you have to understand it’s Bill or Susan or Jim you’re engaging, not a Coffee, or a Shoe, or a Dollar Sign.

is your brand human?

Or are you connecting with this?

A generic customer or vague business isn’t whom you are really connecting with. Not if you want to be successful.

Being more human as a company, having interests and beliefs, will attract others of like-minds. Other human beings. That’s how you make friends and how you make, and keep, relationships.

H2H: Human to Human. You can you use it if you want to.

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