Great customer service comes from caring

Sell Your Passion, Not Your Product

David Meerman Scott said it best, “No one cares about your product except you.”

But dammit it’s super awesomeness in a can! Sure, sure….

I recommend not selling your product…sell yourself and why you love what you do. That kind of passion is infectious, inspiring and could instigate a relationship. And a relationship is key to great customer service.

Great customer service comes from caring

Love your business, don’t “love love” your business

I had service from Ambrosio’s Market and Deli, a great little spot in Victoria, James Bay area. I’ve been there maybe twice, months ago, but I still remember the experience vividly and I’ve told everyone I run into about the great service. What amazingly intricate strategy did they use to mind control me into their obedient spokesperson?

They loved their job. They loved what they did and what they created. They were passionate.

The sandwich was great too but it’s the service that I tell everyone about. I could rave about the product but when you do that, people immediately bring up comparisons: Is it better than this place? It couldn’t possible compare to this other place.

So that tells me that when it comes to great products, there’s a lot of competition. When it comes to great customer service, there’s little to none.

Which market would you rather be in?

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  • I too am a big fan of this delicatessen. They deserve any kudos they may get for, not only their great service, but the food is fantastic as well.

    Your point is well taken also. I was recently in the market for a espresso machine (so I’m a yuppy) and they store that I was at didn’t have the model I wanted. I know that I can get it elsewhere, but the service will not measure up.

    I chose to wait. Subsequently, the owner called me at home the same day to tell me the one I want is on its way. I’m a forever customer.

    I’m talking to you ‘Muffet and Louisa’…

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