Making eye contact is a vital part of customer service

No. #4 of the Top Five Things Businesses Should Do to Piss Off Their Customers


I have actually had an experience at a bakery where I picked out what I wanted, told the staff which one, paid for it and left without a single gaze of the eyeballs. Hey, I’m not that bad looking.

Make eye contact.
It works on dates. It works in job interviews. It works for customer service.

Making eye contact is a vital part of customer service

Look into my eyes…beady little things…

Customer service is far from an exchange of goods or service. Customers want a connection to another person, even if it’s a quick “Thanks. Take care.” This is why automated messages are so unpopular. We want to know we are the subject of your thoughts and action. All attention focused right here.

Not what you did last night. Not that thing you have to do later. Not your less-than-significant other spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. Me. The person that made the effort to come into your place of business and take some interest in your product/service and could possibly spend money that would keep you employed.

Make eye contact. That one little gesture speaks volumes about your customer care.

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  • Had one of these at Market on Yates last week. Forget eye contact, this gal almost managed to conduct the entire transaction with her head turned away while having a conversation with the woman at the next checkout stand on the finer points of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. It’s not the first time I’ve encountered apathetic service there but it’s the most impressive example.

    • Don’t you know Bren…It’s Team Edward all the way.

      Now that that is out of the way, I’d like to say that I’ve never had that experience at Market on Yates, but I can’t. It isn’t always like the way and it did get much better after my initial experience, but the “hipster” attitude and aloofness hasn’t won them any points with me. Sadly, it’s a bus ride to go to any other shopping market so I just have to hope it gets better and more consistent…or get a bus pass.

  • Bren! That sums up almost every Market on Yates experience I’ve ever had. Ugh.

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