Smiling is the best way for staff to connect with their customers

No. #3 of the Top Five Things Businesses Should Do to Piss Off Their Customers


What ever you do, don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t give any impression that you want to be there, helping me.

Smiling is the single best way to connect with your customers. And yes, we can tell if you are smiling over the phone too. Every chance you get to interact with clients, guests or customers, is an opportunity to leave an impression. Why not make it a positive one? As I wrote a few weeks ago, staff are the company’s brand. If that’s the case, what does an uninterested, disengaged, miserable staff member say about your product or service?

Smiling is the best way for staff to connect with their customers

Working on the frown turned upside down

We all have bad days. I’m not talking about that. It’s about making a conscious effort to not let your day, your issues, your baggage affect others and their impressions.

Worst-case scenario: It is part of the job, the bad day will pass and that customer in front of you is ensuring you have a job…so smile.

Best-case scenario: You are part of a company who empowers you and you work with people you enjoy so putting on a smile is natural, not forced.

Staff may understand the former, but businesses need to make sure of the latter.

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