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Great Waiters Make Great Social Media Gurus

That amazing waiter you just had who knew how to talk to you, didn’t push, kept you informed, fixed that little issue you had and made you want to come back? He could do great things for you online.

Think about the skills a great waiter brings to the table (pun intended):

  • Reads the “tone” of the table (i.e. how one person maybe approached differently than another)
  • Suggests and solves, doesn’t sell.
  • Portrays positivity.
  • Presents professionalism
  • Adds a bit of personality.
  • Ensures it is about the customers’ experience, not the restaurant’s bottom line or the servers’ tip.
  • Communicates honestly when a part of the night fails (food, wait times, etc.) and initiates dialogue on how to fix the situation.

How is this not social media 101? This is the type of person you want speaking for your brand. This is the approach your company should be taking with their customers, potential or otherwise, to build a relationship and keep them coming back. Restaurants have “regulars” for a reason.

Social media is a tool of engagement. It’s the person using the tool that makes it successful.

And please, tip your social media expert.


  • Hey never thought of it that way-but this makes a lot of sense!

  • Anthony Sanna

    Hey Russell, your observation about social media and waiters is spot on. Nobody likes the waiter who is so self important that they look down at you, ignore you, or make fun of you. The best waiter is one who smiles, is engaging and having fun with you. Dammit I knew there was a reason why I love twitter so much! Reminds me of my old days ‘working a room’ as a banquet waiter. Great post & thanks for the memories! Lol!

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