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#YYJChat: A Customer Service Conversation

Last night, I was invited to be the guest on a local Twitter chat called: #YYJChat. I know the founders (Susan Jones and Mat Wright) of this weekly engagement but, to be honest, I hadn’t ever participated as a guest or a participant. My mistake. What a blast. A lot of fun in a whirlwind of 60 minutes. The chat takes its name from the local area’s Twitter hashtag (Victoria, BC = #yyj) and usually focuses on political or civic issues. I’m honoured they took a chance with me and tried something new…a discussion on customer service.

I thought I’d pull out some of my favourite tweets (yes, I’m the narcissist who included a few of his own. But they were fuelled by the great discussion)


















Customer service can only get better if we discuss what’s working and what isn’t. It’s also just as important to praise business when they do it well as much as it is important to let them know when they’ve let you down. This lively bit of back and forth certainly reinforced that feeling.


Did their points raise any concerns with you?



  • Thank you again Russ for joining our chat, what a wonderful guest you are!, and this blog post, icing on the cake, thank you thank you.

  • I am *so* sorry to have missed this chat. I’m ALL about Customer Service – providing it to my customers;and searching it out/recognizing it in other businesses. Do you think we could brainstorm a hashtag which we could introduce/promote to #yyj to have people leave comments on places/biz’s /individuals who have wowed them? #YYJBouquets ? or #YYJBizKudos or something like?

    • Hi Maggie, I’m sorry you weren’t available. For a hashtag, I’d recommend #custservYYJ. A bit long but understandable. It’s a good idea. Sidenote: I’m always open to guest posts that give kudos to good service…I just don’t get a lot of takers for the good, always the bad.

  • Anyone else watching customer comments on Coast Capital Saving’s FB page facebook.com/coastcapitalsavings since the credit union let it be known they have to cut their own customers off from online banking, phone support, tellers and their ATMs between Feb. 8-12? Major banking upgrade going on, with apparently no other way to pull this off other than hope everyone is patient and very understanding. Some of the community mgmt by CCS seems a bit boiler-plated for my liking. Anyone else?

    • Hi Rod, thanks for the comment. I’m actually a Coast Capital Member and this was the first I’d heard of it. I went back to look over the comments and apparently their closed 9-11 but half days the 8th and 12th. I’m actually impressed at how engaged the bank is being in the Facebook feed. Their connecting with people that obviously aren’t happy but still providing answers and sincere apologies where they can. Could they have done more?

      • You should be getting a mailout, too. Got mine Monday. I sent them a tweet @coast_capital. They then asked me to DM them with my phone # so they could follow up my Q. That is good service.

    • Hi Rod,

      We’re certainly not trying to be boiler plated – sorry about that! We know our system upgrade will be a positive change, but we are also very aware that our services being unavailable during the long weekend is a huge inconvenience to our customers. We are doing our best to empathize with their frustrations, and helping where we can.

      PS – Not sure if you saw the response to your tweet yesterday, but we’d like to help with the ATM situation in Sidney.

      • I did see it and I DM’ed, and you replied by phone. Thanks for the info and the update. Good luck with the conversion.

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