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What is Your One Word for Great Leadership?

If you had to boil down the essence of great leadership into one word, could you? Thesaurus.com has lots of synonyms for leadership: management, power, hierarchy, superiority… I can’t begin to tell you how none of these are good. Not a one.

I think we can do better.

I recently had some fun asking many people in the customer service, marketing and sales industry how they would describe customer service in a single word. What surprised me the most was the variety in the responses, which really means different people have different expectations from companies. The concern is whether businesses understand that, especially with such a  trend around customers wanting a very human experience. Further up the in the company, leadership and their role in corporate culture, have huge impacts on how employees engage with customers. If staff are happy and feeling purposeful, that will translate into a better experience online and front line.

So I had to ask the question again. This time to authors, customer service leaders, PR practitioners, politicians, and writers…


Michel Falcon – Forward-Thinking (oneish)

Stan Phelps – Caring

Warren Pickard – Example

Shirley Shelton – Inspiration

Thanks to everyone for their input. Really great views on what great leadership should be, one with an inspiring vision their staff can rally behind while still understanding and caring about them as individuals. Did you have one you’d like to share? Please do in the comments below. 


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