a tornado of customer service

The Apple Store: A Customer Service Tornado

I only had my iPad2 for a few months when the camera failed. Software problem? Hardware issue? I have no idea, I’m not a tech geek. But when it came time to get it looked at, neither Future Shop (sorry, not under our warranty) or Simply Computing (sorry, here’s a number for you) could help me. So what’s an “island boy with no Apple Store access” to do? Go to the mainland. Did you think I was going to call and mail it to Apple? I don’t care how good the customer service may be, that’s never a fun experience.

At Richmond Centre in B.C. was where I found the most geographically convenient Apple Store. The place had just opened so it was only half packed with people. I had never used their Genius Bar before but I knew that’s where I needed to be, but before I could get within 10 feet of the counter, a small member of the Apple staff stopped me, asked if they could help me and if I had an appointment. I’m not really that organized so I didn’t even think to get an appointment, however, she took down my name and set me up with a place to wait. Not too long later, a “genius” came by, tested my iPad2, found the problem (which was a hardware one), gave me a new iPad and sent me on my way.

I have to say, this was pretty top notch service. After I was quickly acknowledged by the administrator (?), and we determined A) the nature of my problem, B) I didn’t have an appointment and C) was in a hurry because I had to catch a ferry, things fell into place quickly. She recommended I put myself on the wait list anyway and she would see what she could do. Moments later, and I really do mean moments, a staff member was there to help me out. He told me he understood I was in a hurry and that my problem was probably a quick solve. Within the next 15 minutes, he talked to me, tested my iPad for software issues, explained the problem and got me a new device. He barely took up my time and I barely took up his but at no time did it feel like I was being rushed (even though he knew I was in a rush). I now have a new iPad2 and a new appreciation for customer service at the Apple Store.

THE CONCLUSION: Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major. A whirlwind of a first date. I don’t remember much but I had a good time, you were attentive and I left satisfied. In a good way.

Service Rating System:
Friend Zone – I just don’t like you in “that way.”
Booty Call – If I don’t have anything else better going on, I’ll stop by.
2nd Date – I’ll give you a second chance.
Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major.

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  • Very, very good news. I feel like the good customer service experiences are so limited that I’m actually uplifted by this account. I’m a huge fan of Apple products, so it’s reassuring to know they back them up as well. 

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