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Service Isn’t About Money – Guest Blog

In response to last week’s Pet Peeve blog, I received some great responses.  I want to share one this week from my co-worker Stacie.

In difficult, tough economic times such as these, customer service representatives should be at the top of their games. There are certain things that we have to do in life these days: keep money in the bank and pay our cable bills. The trick is there is not just ONE service provider for these services and it seems as though organizations should be fighting for their share of customers. Instead, I feel like I am fighting  and arguing for good service.

1)      I have a serious rage on for Royal Bank right now and they have lost my business (and anyone else I can get my hands on) for life, all because of two individuals who were rude, condescending and stubborn.  I took my mortgage elsewhere because I felt as though I was being talked down to and taken advantage of. Poor move on their part – I’m young and at the beginning of my financial journey, they could have had unlimited future business with me.
I thought I’d give them a second chance when I went to open a joint bank account. After sitting on hold with an RBC operator out of India just to make an appointment to see someone in Victoria, I was rudely rushed out of the branch by a woman who told me I was not her customer and she didn’t know what to do with my situation. So, I walked across the street to TD bank talk to someone who didn’t treat me like a piece of…

2)      After dropping $1200 with my bf at Future Shop a few weeks ago, I needed to go pick up the last pieces of our purchase. The employee who I spoke to quickly realized that I wasn’t going there to purchase anything, thus he wouldn’t make any commission, he passed me on to 3 different people. Finally a cashier, who doesn’t make commission, helped me find my purchases.

3)      Don’t get me wrong, I looooove sitting on hold with Shaw Cable once a week trying to get my internet to work or my new cable box that they “gave me for free”. I also love being talked to like an idiot while the Shaw guy asks me if my television has power. Tone and understanding goes a loooong way.

I’m a pretty easy person to get along with, just be nice to me and sympathize with the issues that I’m having. One thing I don’t have time for is people who are rude and condescending, especially when I’m paying for it.

Thanks Stacie.  I want to re-iterate this isn’t about the companies.   It’s about the individuals that work for them and your personal/individual experiences.  Have some pet peeves of your own?  Let me know and while you’re at it, take the poll:

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  • I completely agree with you Stace, except about TD. They are evil and eat puppies (puppies!). It’s people that make the difference and I’m really shocked that during these “tough economic times”, the quality of service isn’t up as people protected their jobs, but obviously not. That said, sometimes I like to think that the person was having an off moment and I was that unlucky person who got the bad service as a result. I know I had bad moments when working at the Bay and the numerous other places where I had to interact with people.

  • I agree that Shaw has bad customer serive. My biggest compliant is that they charge WAY too much to flick a switch to allow me access to cable and internet. There is no working a deal with these guys. I’ve tried.

    On the other side of things, and for those of you looking for a bank with good customer service and NO fees, I have always had great experiences from Coast Capital Savings.

    I also have to give it to Telus. While thier reception coverage leaves something to be desired, my experience with their customer service has been great. I recently spoke to a man on the phone who agreed to match a deal from Bell and I now pay approx $30 a month! (Also note, a friend who was already with Bell tried to switch to this plan and they said no. How does that make any sense?)

  • Thanks Katy and Katie. I’m a Coast Capital Savings guy and I’m a big fan as well. I can’t say that I’ve had the best service anywhere else when I’ve tried to jump ship.
    Katie-I have had some of the worst days imaginable. Once I was at work a few hours after I heard my grandmother died…you put on a face. It’s part of the job to keep your problems out of the equation. Everyone has an off day but not everyone has to give bad customer service.

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