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Service from the Back Nine from Highland Pacific Golf Course

It’s been far too long since I put a business to the The Upsell Q&A. Matt Diederichs, manager of the guest services team at Highland Pacific Golf Course said he was up for a few queries. Who am I to disappoint him? Here’s the latest Quality Check:
customer service from the back nine

Service Does Not Have to Be Ugly

1) What is your definition of bad customer service?

My idea of poor customer service is simple: When it’s clear that the customer service staff doesn’t care that I’m choosing to bring my business to their establishment, that’s bad service. That doesn’t mean that the staffer is intentionally rude, or ignores me (although those definitely fit the description). It could be as small as a tone of voice, a lack of eye contact, or being slow to acknowledge that I exist. Good customer service is often as simple as attitude and attentiveness. Oh, and I want to be thanked for my business.

2) From a retail perspective, what’s one of your customer service pet peeves?

Retail is becoming a tougher and tougher place to provide great customer service. I believe that I’m indicative of today’s consumer, in that I’m already fairly educated when I walk into a store. I’ve done research on the internet, I’ve asked my social circle for recommendations, and I’m going in with information. The annoying part? When I know more about the product that I’m looking to buy than the sales associate does. In that case, the staff should simply acknowledge that they don’t know and find the information for me, rather than attempt to talk in a circle to disguise their ignorance.

3) Can you provide an example of great customer service your company provided?

I’d like to think that we provide uncommon service at Highland Pacific every day. But one instance that really stands out was when a patron left a wallet at the course last summer. One of our staffers mapped the driver’s license address and drove the wallet back to its rightful owner. They’ll remember that for a long time I think.

Thanks to Matt for providing his insight into customer service. It was a slice. (Hey, I was good. I had every opportunity to be golf punny but I took the high road.) Please let me know if your business is ever interested in participating in an Upsell Q&A. Love to hear from you.


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