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Pet Peeves Round 3: Talk to Me with Courtesy, Not Like an Ex

Ding. Ding. Ding. Round three. Every few months or so, I like to do a “pet peeve recap” of some things that are really bothering me with customer service. I didn’t want to do one so soon but after a recent trip to Seattle, I felt I must. Honestly, it actually surprised me a bit. I’ve often heard the States have a much better record for customer service than our side of the border. Happier, available, accommodating…you know, doing their jobs. But this trip highlighted a few too many issues I’ve long had problems with.

So much so, this is a two-parter. That’s right, a second helping is coming. But that is for another week. For now: ROUND THREE

Pet Peeve #1 – If you have a personality, make sure it’s a good one.
How many times have you gone to a store or restaurant only to encounter an employee with an obnoxious attitude and a inappropriate sense of humour? If you’re thinking more than once, that’s too much. I like personable people, I really do. But before opening your mouth, making sure you’re charming enough not to piss me off.

Example: At Cherry Street Coffee House, we asked if they took Visa. The bean-jockey’s response, “Was that a question?” WAS THAT A QUESTION? Either Grade 3 English let him down or, um…jerk?

Pet Peeve #2 –
Sorry, kitchen’s closed. Then why did you seat me?
At 8:00pm on a Sunday, I was hungry. I don’t eat with the “typical” people do. The stomach wants what the stomach wants. I made my way to F.X. McRory’s Steak Chop & Oyster Bar for drinks and dinner. Walked up the stairs, was told by the hostess to seat myself, was watched by 2 waitresses, one of which gave me two menus. We sat. We waited. Five minutes in we go to the bar to get a drink. So far, not so good. Finally our waitress comes by to tell me how busy they’ve been and they’re pretty much out of everything. Idle chit chat that is kind of bothering me considering she hasn’t taken my order yet. Oh wait, their kitchen just closed.

Steam exit ears. Communication is key. Guess which restaurant I now will not only not go to, but will tell my friends AND write a blog about. Tada.

Catch up with my other Pet Peeves: Round 1, Round 2.

(contributed by @SheldonKJohnson)
Last night I was in need of delicious local fare with unique personal flare. Brasserie L’ecole provided what I was looking for and more. Fantastic French cuisine with the perfect service touch…attentive without being overbearing and casual while professional. For example, our waiter would consistently monitor tables for eye contact. If contact was made he maintained just long enough to be sure there was nothing that you needed. Takes very little time but shows extra attention that reflected in his tip.

Hate being on hold? I’d love it if you said yes. Of course you hate it. Would it be nice if you could have them call you when their available? Shaw Cable does it and now, through this website, everyone does: LucyPhone

Just press ** every time they put you on hold and stop wasting time. Unfortunately this is a substitute for good customer service from the company but at least it saves you the headache of sad, slow, painful elevator muzak.

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