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Pet Peeves Round 2 aka STOP IT ALREADY

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for about four months already.  In that time, I’ve reviewed ferries, restaurants, optometry clinics and pharmacies.  In that time, I’ve received feedback from my readers and one response from a company.  I have to give kudos to London Drugs for not only acknowledging my comments but also working to correct them, at least that’s what they told me.  Customer service is a dying art when it really shouldn’t be.

For this, my year ender, I thought I’d return to naming a few of my pet peeves.  Feel free to add your own.  There’s a little “Leave a Comment” section at the bottom of this blog for you.  Do it.  Dooooooooooooo it.

Pet Peeve #1 – Pay Before Play
It’s become common practice for restaurants to add a 15% gratuity to parties of eight or more.  As a server, this is fantastic.  They can work their table with out worrying they might get stiffed.  A bad tip from a table of two can be shaken off but a party of eight or more…that can be a big dent in your tips for the night.


A lot of servers see this as a “free pass.”  They’re guaranteed the money so why should they put in that extra effort?  Here’s your food, your still stuck tipping me.  Sucker.  Sorry. I think a server should work for their tip no matter what size of party it is.  The server may only be worth 5% …or maybe they kickass and get 20%?

A lot of servers will be pissed at me for this.  Tough.  Be more confident in your abilities or get a new job.

FYI – it could be getting worse.  In Seattle, I saw a note that said, 18% on parties of six or more.  Booooooo.

Pet Peeve #2 – Phone Vs. Showing Up

I hate…HATE when I go to a store find what I want, only to stand in line at the checkout counter where the cashier answers the phone and proceeds to take the call.

So I stand there while they help someone else.

Let me get this straight. I put on my jacket, got into my car, drove all the way to the store, found the cashier and was prepared to pay when Mr./Mrs. lazy-ass calls and steps in front of me?

Cashier take note. Here’s the proper response – “Hello, can I put you on hold.”  And if they’re on hold a little long, tell them you’re unfortunately quite busy with a line up and if they could call back later.

I made the effort, recognize that and give me priority over Mr./Mrs. stuck-to-the-couch.

The Tip –
A couple of links you may find interesting

Wikipedia’s definition of customer service – interesting article with something called KPIs.  Didn’t have this when I was working.


Not Always Right –  a collection of not so bright customer quotes.  Anyone that’s worked customer service has at least one story.  I’ll share one of mine:

A caller called me asking directions which included the nearest bus stop.

After explaining to them in detail how to find the bus stop, the caller asked: “Is it to my right or to my left?”

My response: I’m sorry, I’m on the phone with you but I can’t see you.

Enjoy your holidays and season’s greetings.  I’m sure you’ll have a few customer service horror stories and/or kudos to bring to the table in the new year.

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  1. The whole post reminded me of one of my “favorite” experiences while working retail. Christmas Eve, right before we closed, a woman called freaking out that we had sold her two left slippers (for some reason people freak out about slippers). She starts screaming and crying about the Bay ruining Christmas for her, how she had no way to get to the store, and we started to arrange for a manager to drive to her house (these were $80 slippers). After 10 minutes of this, she suddenly stops crying, calms down and says: “oh nevermind, they have a right and left. how stupid that you can’t tell.” and hangs up.

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