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Great Customer Service is the Ultimate Upsell

Would you like that Keg-size? Have you seen our featured product? For a $1.99, you can get fries…

These are all questions and suggestions to get the customer to spend more money. You may not need what you buy. You may not have even thought about purchasing them. But it plants that seed and gets you to purchase something you may or may not regret later. Sure it ups the business sales, but does it do much for the long-term relationship with the customer? (that’s rhetorical)

What if the focus wasn’t on the quick sell but rather on customer engagement? I’m not saying businesses shouldn’t be aiming to make money. Absolutely not. But what if…what if…their customer experience is so good, people leave thinking, “I can’t wait to come back here.” Rather than, “did I need that chapstick?”

Great customer service….hell, GOOD customer service…will really stand out. It’s a great addition to any product or service you provide.

Now back to that money thing. What do you think you’ll get more from, long-term…a one-off bump in the cash register till or a customer that will not only come back, but rave about you?

Return on investment (ROI) isn’t just about spending money on supplies and ad space. It’s also about investing your time and efforts into your customers. What are you adding to the customer experience?

I’d suggest a boost to customer service, the ultimate upsell.

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2 thoughts on “Great Customer Service is the Ultimate Upsell”

  1. Love it! BUT How do we get messages of “think long term” rather that short term gratification through to business owners and store managers? Performance reviews look at instant success rather than long term achievement and contribution so people are less motivated to care about such things. A mind shift is still required here to move people from the rat race of instant gratification to herding cows.


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Justin. Is it a matter of the change to come from the bottom or the top?
    A business will not live or die by a $1.99 side of mushrooms or a free sample with each purchase, it will be a success or failure based on its relationships with its customers.
    A change of mind set is definitely necessary. Not all businesses will get it. But those that do, wow, what an opportunity.

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