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A Service Story of Mr Lube: Change the Oil, Not the Service

Thanks Mr Lube.

It’s been a while since I’ve had some customer service kudos I could share. Either it’s a sign people are afraid to guest blog (I’m not convinced) or many haven’t been truly “wowed” by any of their recent experiences. Thankfully, Victoria BC’s Cheryl DeWolfe made sure her a recent trip to Mr Lube didn’t go by without a highlight of their great customer service. Over to you Cheryl.

In a city where I am routinely underwhelmed by customer service (on a good day), Mr Lube stands way out from the crowd.

The service started as soon as I approached when a staffer carefully directed my vehicle to the appropriate bay, even as he was juggling two or three other tasks. Moments later, the staffer arrived at my car window, offered me a newspaper and something to drink and, seeing that I had a child in the vehicle, also offered a colouring book and crayons. He also went over the service options — what they do, what’s free and the average charges for what isn’t included.

Once I pulled into the “next in line” position, a technician checked my tire pressure and popped the hood to check other fluids. I was past due for the oil change by about 4000 km and two months but, unlike my dental hygienist, the tech did not make me feel guilty about it. Instead, he talked up the benefits of regular oil changes and reminded me that Mr. Lube would top up the oil for free between changes (good to know).

A few minutes later, I was being directed into the bay. A monitor displays the cost of the services as they add up (e.g. a new air filter) so there is no “sticker shock” and shows the elapsed time in the bay. The staff offered various options and additions to the basic $49.99 service (from synthetic oil to fuel line flushes) but they were never pushy and, when explaining services, were not condescending. During the service, I noticed the tech bringing over other members to have a look at something deep inside my engine. At least four techs had a look and when my tech approached my window I said, “That doesn’t bode well.” He explained that the serpentine belt was significantly worn and needed to be replaced. He was careful to note it on the receipt and even recommended a mechanic and gave me a ballpark of what the repair should cost.

Despite a lineup two deep at all bays when I arrived, I was on my way inside an hour. And, unlike other oil change businesses in town, they don’t have to offer a “Ladies Day” discount to lure in customers. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit that my first visit (this past spring) was spurred by a coupon offer but the service during that visit was just as good and there was no hesitation in my choosing Mr Lube again.

Thanks for sharing Cheryl. Have you had a recent great customer service experience? We definitely notice the bad but we have to showcase the good whenever we can. How else will we have great case studies to learn from? 

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