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Your One Word for Great Customer Service

I’m a curious boy. I like asking questions and I certainly use my social media as a vehicle for that. Recently, I thought it would be interesting to boil down what great interactions between a business and its customers is, all summed up and to the point. So I asked you to answer the question…


I threw the question out on a podcast to listeners and guests, and online through Twitter and Facebook and I heard back from authors, customer experience strategists, product managers, communicators, writers, public servants, sales people, public relations, podcasters and radio hosts. What surprised me most was the variety in responses…though one certainly stood out.

  1. Tricia Morris – Time Saving
  2. Warren Pickard – Engagement
  3. Addy Saucedo – Thoughtful
  4. Jordi Williams – Sincerity
  5. Kevin Grout – Listen
  6. Bill Quiseng – Interaction
  7. Michel Falcon – Effortless
  8. Hotel Evaluations – Manners
  9. Colleen McClean – Appreciation
  10. Jeannie Walters – Proactive
  11. Barry Dalton – Simple
  12. Micah Solomon – Flexible
  13. Shep Hyken – Helpful
  14. Ted Coine – Pride
  15. New Chapter Learning – Personal
  16. Kate Nasser – Adaptive
  17. Get Cloud Cherry – Empathy
  18. Scott McDonald – Empathy
  19. Matt Diederichs – Empathy
  20. Marsha Collier – Empathy
  21. Jeanne Bliss – Human

Well it’s certainly a trend for empathy. But, I left Jeanne Bliss for last because she beat me to my own answer. Human. Be human, and know that the person you are engaging with over the counter, on the phone, on social media or through your website is a person too. There’s emotions involved. There’s a face and a name and a history. There’s an opportunity to build a relationship and trust, not a time to be challenging and narcissistic as a brand.

I can’t argue with any of these “one words”. And it’s a good reminder that this is how customers want their businesses to act and behave. I don’t see “forced” or “promotional” or “pushy” here.

As a business, it’s important to know who your customers are and how they want to be served. And if they can sum it up in one word, it’s hard for a business to say it doesn’t understand them.

What’s your one word?



  • This was a very cool survey. Lots of great words to describe customer service. Easy to do in a sentence, but the word really makes you think. Thanks for including me in the survey!

  • jeanniecw

    Love the insightful but diverse answers! Great idea to poll this crowd, IMHO!

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