bad customer service knows no timeline

Dale Carnegie – Great Customer Service isn’t a New Idea, But it is a Good One

In 1936, orator and author Dale Carnegie wrote “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I’d say this book is more relevant today than it was between World Wars. Listening, caring, engaging…these are not new concepts that came in with customer relations, sCRM, CRM, customer service, or social media. Below are Carnegie’s Six Ways […]

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engagment and good service while you don't wait

FOO: A Little Engagement Goes a Long Way

I’ve had a few arguments in the past (who me, confrontational?) regarding small vs. big business and their level of customer service. But Russel, people say, bigger businesses have more money to spend on training. The more expensive the shop, the better the service. Ridonkulous! As I’ve blogged before on staff and branding, customer servicestarts from the bottom up. Cost, expense…don’t and […]

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