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LIVE CHAT – From Frustration to Solution in 3 Ways

Good or great customer service experiences are becoming so inconsistent that when you’re impressed, it really stands out. So was the case recently with a web hosting service.

I’m not going to pretend I’m very techie. I can get by with creating and launching a WordPress website here and there but when it comes to trouble shooting, I like to ask people much smarter than me. My blogging website was having problems, crashing and error messaging at the slightest button push. When this happens, I’ll Google first to see if there’s a quick fix but if it’s a little more complicated, I’m tracking down my hosting service LIVE chat feature.

And with my particular web host, when I connected to their operator Claudia, it was glorious. They knocked it out of the park in at least three ways:

Number ONE: Fixed my Problem 

After I described my roadblock, Claudia scanned my account and immediately located two possible problems. She then walked me step by step through the dashboard of the website until we addressed the most likely issue – and it worked. I had a problem, she targeted it and resolved it. No wasting time. No idle chit chat. No messing around.

She also stayed on the chat with me until I was satisfied with her direction and resolution. Well done.

Number TWO: Didn’t Make me Feel Stupid

Claudia knew what she was doing (I assume that because she was using words I didn’t understand). But, at no time, did her words come off condescending or patronizing. Nor did she get so basic that I would feel stupid for having had the problem in the first place. She was confident, to the point and helpful. She created an environment where she was in this with me and together we were going to resolve it.

Number THREE: Gave Me the Tools to Fight Future Errors 

They fixed the problem. Great! But as a tech novice, I may not know what to do to prevent it from happening again. Well, they addressed that too through three approaches:

  • Education – through the process, Claudia explained what the problems could be and why there were problems at all. It really provided context and, darn it, I felt a bit smarter.
  • A website – I was provided a website that would test my blog for issues and concerns. A great resource for monitoring and check-ins.
  • A WordPress plugin – she directed me to a plug-in that would scan my blog for issues, providing workarounds and suggestions.

With this information and these tools, my blog would be ready to combat future issues that came its way.

Great work from this service provider, and especially Claudia.

What’s your experience using LIVE chat? Have any web hosting customer experience stories you’d like to share? Please do so below.


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