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Good Service Can Come from Anywhere

When I started this blog on customer service, I stressed that it wouldn’t be only about restaurants.  So, tada!  A review of the Inner Harbour Optometry Clinic.  Didn’t see that one coming did you?  The set up is really not much different than your average doctor’s office:  a few scattered non-descript chairs against the walls, piles of People magazines from 2005 (I hope Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt make it!), and paintings a step up from what you’d find in a “no-tell” motel.

I had had my eyes tested for glasses about a year ago at this office and could vaguely remember anything about the experience.  I remembered it wasn’t bad so I decided to give it a shot for a new set of contact lenses.

The Order:
Honestly, what do you really expect from an optometry clinic?  A clipboard to fill out and a bit of mumbling followed by a really long wait.  Thankfully all I need to do was order some contacts.  I went twice, the first time to ask about getting a prescription and the second to order the product.  Two visits, two different receptionists (order takers, file jockeys, bookkeepers…I don’t know the PC label), two different experiences?

The Service:
The first woman was great.  Eye contact, courteous, smiled.  And, when I told her I didn’t have the prescription, she gave me options on how to get the information.  I wasn’t an idiot for not being prepared, just a guy who had questions and she had answers.  We even laughed about how some clinics are gun-shy about giving information over the phone.  Oh those silly, uncooperative clinics…AND, for you over 55 year olds reading this, she had tattoos up and down her arms.  Did the ink somehow seep into her arteries and interfere with her ability to interact with me as a human being?  I SAY SHE DID NOT SIR.  She was accommodating, body ink and all.

Second visit, I brought one container for a one-eye prescription.  I know this doesn’t give the full vision info but I was willing to give it a shot.  My fault if it didn’t work.  Receptionist #2 was fantastic as well.   She even sounded like she felt bad for asking me to pay half now before I received the rest of the order.  She was quite busy with phone calls and other patients but she was obviously making an effort to focus on me, the first guy there.  Two visits, two happy departures.

The Tip:
Something I appreciate is acknowledgement.  You don’t have to serve me right now.  I can see that your busy but, come on, you know I’m standing here.  Just nod, smile and say you’ll be with me in a minute.  I’m willing to wait longer with less anger with a little acknowledgement.

The Conclusion:

Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major.  I was acknowledged right away.  The service was consistent from one receptionist to the next.  I got what I wanted and, when I didn’t have everything for my order, they gave me alternatives and options.  GOLD!  I’d come back even if I wasn’t blind.  Hell, poke me in the eye with a stick now, I’ll go tomorrow.

Service Rating System:

Friend Zone – I just don’t like you in “that way.”
Booty Call –   If I don’t have anything else better going on, I’ll stop by. 
2nd Date –
I’ll give you a second chance.
Going steady – This could be the beginning of something major.

*Visit “Rating the Upsell” for a better description.


  • Service this!

    You went in needing contact (who gets one? do you tend to walk in circles?) yet you could read the date on the People magazine? I think your eyesight is fine – you were upsold!

  • you haven’t experienced real service at Inner Harbour Optometry until you see Dr. Poon. He’s the man

  • It’s true. Dr Poon is the man.

    • I’ve only heard good things about Dr. Poon. And yes, I understand it’s just fun to write his name.

  • I’m concerned this entry doesn’t truly reflect Dr Poon’s awesomeness.

  • I also had a great experience, tho I didn’t appreciate the crying babies or the puffs of air in my eyes or the presciption i left with. But my headaches are gone so I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  • The puffs of air may be the most evil invention ever. After shooting you directly in the pupil, causing you to wince, cry, push-away in discomfort…they ask you to put the other eye in the chin holder of hell. That there is evil.

  • This is a welcomed review considering my experience at most ‘health’ clinics is not that pleasant…especially from the front counter. I’m always given the impression that I’m a bastard just for being there.

    My eyes are great, but if I’m ever poked in the eye with a stick I’ll see them to get it out.

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